For & by Sheffield

Mix of mixed-use

Creating an evolving brand for Sheffield City Council and their strategic advisors, Queensberry, articulating the regeneration of the city centre, balancing the long term responsibilities of stewardship with the commercial demands of a mixed use destination.

Connected workspace, from headquarters to start-up studios, a living mix of apartments and townhouses with streets and lanes lined with independent and emerging retail, restaurants, bars and cafés, as well as Cambridge Street Collective - Europe’s largest purpose built foodhall and cookery school.

An exemplar public-private sector partnership.

Retained and
reimagined streetscape

This £470 million investment will deliver 1.5 million sq ft mix of mixed-use city centre regeneration, combining new and repurposed buildings following the retained and reimagined streetscape in-tune with the personality and character of the surrounding city.

Sheffield is quietly confident – a place and people that are warm and welcoming, behaving as if they’ve put up with you for years.

Leading the re-brand of a city centre

Our brand for Heart of the City is guided by Sheffield’s spirit and the development vision. The eight year programme is sustained by an evolving brand, that’s adaptive and inclusive – using rich layers, responsive colour palette, direct yet friendly tone of voice and a diverse font book.

The regeneration has different objectives for each of its many audiences – to inform, on-board, engage or simply sell! Creating consistent yet consistently evolving material for Leasing teams, Council and project team presentations, exhibitions, consultation material, flythrough, site dressing, website and social media.