Reconnecting a landmark


Liverpudlians had consigned Albert Dock to the tourist trail. Our role was to reconnect local people with place, as well as an internal comms programme to shift the internal mindset away from seasonal ‘resort’ to year round activation.


Our approach delivered a redefined vision, establishing a brand to help guide the leasing strategy. We focussed on quality, identifying emerging local businesses that (literally) spoke to our missing local audience. The collective influence, amplified across social media drove our messaging through an authentic and trusted ‘local voice’. We on-boarded the early adopters with the vision, building advocates for the Dock, resulting in 17 new local operators secured between Sept 17 – Sept 19.


The re-activated free public events, public art, Tate partnerships, campaigns, social media, PR and multi-channel advertising communicating change, the dramatic setting, new and existing operators, once again make the now, ‘Royal’ Albert Dock a place to see and be seen