Defining a different kind of park

A destination neighbourhood

Wembley Park isn't just about the legendary past. Today it is home to some of the most exciting and progressive cultural and retail experiences. As well as the iconic Stadium.

To express this we created a three year 'linked up' campaign approach that positioned Wembley Park as a true neighbourhood and destination in it's own right.

2020: Welcoming back

Harnessing outdoor space, from al fresco dining to open air shopping and pocket parks. Our campaign was direct yet sensitive to show care and reassurance in trying times. The core message was focused on what Wembley Park can offer the audience – open space, and lots of it.

2021: Challenging expectations

Wembley Park is synonymous with football and music. Our challenge was to shift our audiences perceptions of this, to confidently show the transformation story of what Wembley Park has become.

2022: Unleashing it’s potential of a full day out

A full volume experience, inviting our visitors to experience all that Wembley Park can offer. We created a bold new tagline with an image led campaign, filmed from the perspective of the visitor to make the most out of a big day out at Wembley Park.