Let’s complete the digital network (for everyone)

Together we can end digital poverty once and for all

An end to digital poverty will enable everyone to access the fundamentals of life – social security, to healthcare, education and training, to finding work and applying for jobs. Critical services are now more and more online.

Digital inclusion isn’t ‘nice to have’ – it’s an essential and therefore no longer something we can ignore if we’re interested in a just society.

We worked with DPA and their founding partners to create a brand that’s inclusive and brings their vision to life, enabling them to take on the challenge of ‘completing the digital network’.

‘Convene, compel and inspire collaboration for the UK community to lead sustainable action against digital poverty’ – a clear purpose driving positive change.

Connect. Inspire. Enable.

The end goal is to influence all elements within the global technology network, creating awareness of the issue at hand, whilst building value and attracting other parties to get involved and create benefit for all through the alliance.

It’s not about owning the system, it’s about bridging the gaps in the digital ecosystem to truly complete the ‘digital network’.