This Land

Putting This Land on the map

The team behind Cambridgeshire-based developer This Land has vast experience in the property sector – so knows there is an opportunity to offer customers something better. It seeks to create developments of a higher standard than the norm, with innovative architecture, a deep focus on customer and community needs and a commitment to zero defects at handover.

That difference and emphasis on quality had to come alive in its brand and communications – enabling it to generate awareness and interest even before it had begun construction work. The team appointed Small Back Room both to develop the visual identity and shape the business proposition.

Drawing on our deep experience, along with some focused research, we helped name the business and produced its initial business plan. This was the first document to showcase the brand to investors and immediately stood apart through the imagery, tone of voice and production values – all echoing the business ambition. The company logo was devised as a square that almost looks like a quality stamp.

We have now rolled out the brand across digital and print collateral, retaining the strong strategic and visual elements. We have also helped define the strategy for their employee value proposition, with an equally distinctive design.