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The Reader

The Reader - Connect Realise Change

The Reader, a charity aiming to connect people through great literature and shared reading, approached us in 2015 because they were struggling to tell their story in a crowded and competitive market of NGO's and charities. Through a detailed understanding of their message and a strategic yet creative approach, we created a resonating personality for The Reader's brand which captured their story in an emotional and engaging way.

The breadth of the Reader's work had grown in such an  organic way that a recurrent challenge was how to articulate 'what they do.' In order to overcome this challenge Small Back Room developed a series of strategic tools that could be adjusted depending on the audience and setting. However it was also essential that no matter which tools were used, The Reader's story was consistent and compelling. To achieve this Small Back Room created Connect, Realise, Change, an expression that captured the heart of The Reader's message and was also easily adaptable.

Simplifying the organisation's name from The Reader Organisation to The Reader allowed the brand to communicate its human side, by placing the individual at the heart of shared reading. The 'r' logo was also evolved to make it more 'active', giving it more presence and using it as both a graphic device and a window. Meanwhile concentrating The Reader's photography on details, expressive portraits and 'moments', created an attractive story which further enhanced the brand's humanity. 

The Reader's brand has transitioned into an exciting new identity, enabling them to drive and influence the purpose of their internal departments and express their message with confidence and clarity, whilst also being flexible enough to adapt and evolve over time.