The Portman Estate

Heritage and stewardship

The Portman family have owned a substantial part of central London for over 500 years. Today, the Portman Estate consists of 110 acres of Marylebone, with its rich architecture and attractive streets.

The website we built helps explain how it became that way – and what makes it so attractive still.

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The website design brought the area’s heritage to life, through an innovative timeline showing the family history alongside key national and international events – which together have shaped the Estate’s development. This online landscape provides the context for the way the Estate is managed today, under careful stewardship that ensures its unique character is preserved.


The site uses feature pieces and large images to demonstrate how different streets have been restored and a measured yet descriptive tone of voice. It uses luxury branding to create an atmosphere that highlights the advantages of living, working and playing in the neighbourhood – and so drives traffic to the property letting section.