Joint development by Ballymore and Oxley

A big ask: one of London’s largest regeneration schemes

It’s not every day that we are asked to add pep to the marketing of an entire new district of London. But that’s what Oxley and Ballymore Holdings asked us to do for phases two, three and four of their 3,500-unit Royal Wharf regeneration programme. The 40-acre (16 hectare) scheme, one of London’s largest, was to be promoted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Dubai as well as the UK.

If it isn’t broken, make it even better.

We took a fresh approach to the marketing programme, integrating our new concepts with those already in existence. We added to what was there, augmenting it and adding new ideas – no one expected us to upset the apple cart. This is what we do … we are instinctively collaborative – not prima donnas.

There was plenty for us to work with – from the comprehensive masterplan and the individual design of each of the 3,500 homes to its half-kilometre riverside walk and many landscaped squares.

All channels open

Our multi-channel solution included digital, environmental and print. We provided graphics for all locations and over 60 advertising formats that satisfy specific local demand, messages and languages.