Regent Street branded taxi

The Crown Estate - Regent Street

An adaptable visual identity

Around 15 years ago, we created the brand for Regent Street to reposition it as a jewel in the West End’s crown. In 2015, we launched the second iteration of the Regent Street visual identity. During this time, Regent Street has changed. Gone are the days of budget travel agents and discount stores. It is now home to flagship fashion and technology such as Apple and Burberry, highly valued commercial space and desirable residences.

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At the heart of the new 2015 brand was a piece of thinking that led to a more dynamic approach to corporate visual identity. The challenge was to elevate and reshape the relationship between Regent Street and all its audiences.

To do this, the visual identity could no longer represent a passive, yet albeit beautiful, stage for amazing things to happen upon. Instead it had to play an active role in connecting with the audiences in its own right both on the street and through other marketing channels - ultimately creating a destination brand that could be experienced not just by being on the street, but by engaging with it across all its touch points.

The creative strategy behind the identity was all about adaptability - we created an identity that ‘didn’t always look the same, but always felt the same.’ This was the nature of the destination and so it had to be reflected in the visual identity.

The transition from a static logo, to one that powered an entire visual identity was a great leap of faith, bravery and creativity. The flexibitiy of a logo that could take a back seat when it needed to and at other times take centre stage required some very careful art direction in order to achieve a level of continuity through so much change.