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Embracing the independent spirit

“We now have an identity that at once captures the spirit of the area and our people and creates an instinctive connection with our customers, giving them a compelling reason to visit.”

Giles Ingram

Executive director,
Northumberland Tourism

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Northumberland attracts over ten million visitors per year, eight million of which are day visitors. However, research showed that many people were unsure of where Northumberland was or what it stands for. Northumberland tourism association appointed us to help change this.

Despite its beautiful landscapes, rugged coastline and unspoilt beaches, our research identified that what makes Northumberland truly unique is the positive energy of its people, and their desire to protect their way of life. Our brand proposition – independent spirit – was built on this.

The proposition worked on two key levels. It successfully engaged local communities and businesses, but also strongly appealed to the target market of independent-minded visitors. Our brand then encouraged tourism businesses to express their own independent spirit – driving adoption at grass roots level to support the county-wide proposition.

Our strategic and visual approach was recognised at the British Travel Awards winning the 2018 for Best UK Holiday County/Region.