National Army Museum

National Army Museum

From archive to attraction

The National Army Museum (NAM) was about to undergo major remodelling. This would involve modernising the visitor experience, maintaining its role as an important archive while speaking to its widening target audience.

Challenging the brief

OK, it’s what we always do, but in this case, it won us the job. NAM had requested proposals from a range of agencies such as ours. We were successful, and, when we asked why they had selected Small Back Room, they said: “we had pushed them creatively further than any other agency in the pitch process.” This encouraged us to continue this through the entire creative journey.

We had been asked to: “Develop a dynamic new approach to visual communications for the Museum in line with NAM’s strategic organisational vision, mission and strategic objectives.  It must speak to the Museum’s future and target audiences and address a series of challenges the Museum currently faces” But what were those challenges?

To find out we engaged the hugely diverse range of stakeholders in workshop sessions. Serving military personnel, historians and school children would all be taken into consideration.

A challenging solution

We created a new brand and visual language by involving the curators and NAM’s interior designers. This ranges from photography and logotype to tone of voice. All elements of the new museum reflect the brand – both online and offline.

“A change from a museum to an attraction, no longer simply an archivist but the teller of a story that was prepared to challenge those engaging with it”.