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Kemp Little

Legal Identity

<p>A law firm specialising in technology and digital media, Kemp Little understands that evolution is good for business. With the impending launch of their new offer, Kemp Little Consulting, the time was right to develop Visual Identity 2.0.</p> <p>We were asked to push the brand in a brave new direction. The refreshed brand identity is confident and elegant, positioning Kemp Little as expert, adaptable leaders within legal sectors renowned for rapid change.</p>

A brave new voice

Language is the foundation of the legal profession. Ergo, it made sense that language be the dominant driver of the Kemp Little brand update. 

The new tone of voice challenges common perceptions about the way in which law firms communicate and operate. Honest, confident, witty engaging... the hardworking copy negates any requirement for imagery. A good thing too, as imagery could easily date this brand, given technology’s propensity to move forward quickly. 

A new mark or two

The Kemp Little brand mark underwent a subtle and considered re-branding. The aim was to retain the essence of the original mark, whilst crafting it and making it more contemporary in look and feel.

A variant was developed for Kemp Little Consulting, which is always paired with purple for differentiation. 

The square character of the brand mark has been incorporated into the new visual language.