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Here you can

You’d be amazed at some of the businesses operating in Herefordshire. We were. Like many others, we were under the misconception that it was a bit of a sleepy shire. We couldn’t have been more wrong – and the brand we developed helps explain why.

Scratch the surface of the county, and you find companies working in a huge range of fields (literally, in some cases). You find some of the most successful food and drink producers in the UK and a strong sense of county identity, and local pride.

We built that into the positioning concept “here you can” – a concept that both communicates the underlying character of the county and enables the brand to tell stories of achievement and opportunity.









The online brand toolkit gave access to everything the brand had to offer

“The brand got the second spontaneous round of applause in two conferences / launches I’ve been at! Everyone loves it – so great job.”


Neil Kerr

Chairman, Herefordshire Business Board

At the heart of the brand is the Hereford Bull – a local icon, treated in different ways so it becomes relevant to different audiences and subject matter and has endless creative potential. Much like the county itself.

“What a fantastic launch for the new Herefordshire branding! All of us at Visit Herefordshire would like to thank you for your time, energy, effort, professionalism and superb presentation skills.”


Claire O’Reilly

Training and Business Development Manager, Visit Herefordshire