Grosvenor – Fifty hero image

Grosvenor – Fifty

Refined. Redefined.

London is well blessed with luxury office space. So when Grosvenor asked us to help position its new – admittedly very premium – office development in the heart of Mayfair, it was clear that the answer wasn’t in its facilities. Instead, we built an identity around its exclusive location.

The development at 50 Grosvenor Hill is in a quiet Mayfair mews. But just around the corner stood the former studio of quintessential 60’s photographer Terence Donovan. We decided to use this as our starting point – along with the backstreets, alleyways and mews that give Mayfair its uniquely discreet character.

This then formed the basis for our brand: ‘Refined. Redefined. Mayfair. London.’ We used elegant photography captured around Mayfair to show the benefits of the location, and then rolled this out across marketing materials including a premium letting brochure, a website, signage, a marketing suite and launch materials.



Some of the photography we took was used within the building