Belong in Bermondsey Hero Image - consultation

Belong in Bermondsey - Grosvenor Estate

Connecting a community

Grosvenor are the owner of an 11 acre site in Bermondsey upon which Peak Freans, the iconic biscuit factory, once stood, as well as the adjoining former Lewisham and Southwark College campus site on Drummond Road. 

Grosvenor plan to create a connected network of housing, offices, community hubs and a new school for the area which offers new routes to create better access to Bermondsey’s existing key attractions such as The Blue Market.

Our task was to create a brand for the public consultation through to the construction phase. We began by drawing influence from the area itself by conducting a photographic audit and by interviewing a range of people who live and work in Bermondsey. The immense of sense of pride in the area was a reoccurring motif throughout these interviews which led to the creation of Grosvenor’s call to arms - ‘Belong in Bermondsey’.


‘Belong in Bermondsey’ became the focus for the campaign and all engagement activity. It draws its influence from the character of the area using typography, colour and texture found in the local environment to create an evolving look and feel that is ultimately rooted in Bermondsey. 

We also created a rich immersive interpretation of the brand and remodelled and refitted the community office and community hall. We created a bespoke, modular exhibition system which was hosted in the hall for the public consultation. Our graphics and digital teams delivered the public consultation exhibition material, ongoing communications with the wider community and a new website proposing Grosvenor’s plans with the opportunity to comment on the proposed plans incorporated.