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Our research showed rising rents, bad landlords and inflexible tenancy arrangements were creating a growing frustration and highlighted a clear market gap, specifically around millennial Londoners - a group who in the majority are renters over homeowners and seeking a better and enhanced living experience.

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Apo is a specialist multi-family residential management company formed by EcoWorld International and Willmott Dixon – businesses passionate about creating best-in-class living experiences, continually evolving the offer over time to maximise investment value.

Small Back Room was appointed in 2019 to help create a unique international brand, initially focusing on their flagship BTR development in London. Our brief: create a desirable brand with impact – a brand model, name and identity capturing imagination and translating the wants and needs of our target audiences.

Having first defined what Apo stood for, we established our brand name and created our identity, capturing the right personality and tone of voice. The website was the first place where we could bring this to life. Demonstrating the individual and flexible approach that underpins the Apo brand we adopted bold use of colour and typography, combined with characterful headline typefaces and video content bringing energy and intrigue. 

Now rolled out across a targeted multi-channel marketing campaign including paid social, programmatic advertising a Sky AdSmart video ad, instagram and Twitter, Apo can now tell its whole story. Core to the approach is ongoing co-creation – we listen and we adapt. Together, Apo and its members are investing in the future through a new way of doing things that reflects their shared values and meeting the expectations of today’s lifestyle-led rental needs.