Addiko bank Hero image

Addiko Bank

Identity without visibility

This is one of our strangest instructions: to provide an approach and graphics for signage and the enhancement of bank offices with local 'moving-in packs ' across several cities in the Balkans. . . Without having a name for the bank - it was embargoed -  nor any values or visual clues!   Our idea was a thumbprint "identity without visibility"

We worked with Chadwick International Architects to deliver better than 'just in time' projects. All space assets on a single cross regional reservation system, all head offices linked by broadcast quality video in oval “Eggs” – to hatch good ideas! All well received by the client. Subsequently the Bank announced their name and shared brand values with us. Addiko Bank is the rebirth of Hypo Alpe Adria.

We are now retro-applying their brand to the environments.