14th June 2016

It's what's inside that counts

How creative employee engagement can help build your brand identity from the inside out...

Start Inside

Today, communicating only ‘functional’ and ‘economical’ benefits of your brand's personality to your employees is no longer considered enough.

The era of ‘transaction’ is well and truly over as employees search for meaning and find themselves asking ‘Do I belong?’

This sense of true belonging to the company is a far more emotional journey and one that requires you to listen to your employees and be ’creative’ in how you engage with them.

Don’t be afraid of change

Strategic change is a journey and communication needs to move employees through a Received > Understood > Acted Upon continuum.

Our attitudes and actions are a reflection of what we think, if we want what employees do to be different, then we must also help them to think about what they do differently.

Helping employees re-frame and re-focus their role is best catalysed through more personal and involving communication allowing them the opportunity to explore, question and feedback regularly.

You can only achieve your best when everyone’s ambitions and energies point in the same direction

Discover what matters

To achieve this you need to identify what’s changing and why - perhaps in doing so there’s a need to celebrate what you have already achieved.

Then you might find yourself moving onto How you/we need to change. This sort of communication will focus on progress, action and deliverables, enabling employees to be part of it all and see the benefits and success.

This will come from employees themselves where they embrace and own the fact ‘We are changing’

We want employees to think:

‘It’s our change’

‘I’m involved’

‘It’ll be better for us’

‘We can do it’

‘We are doing it’

Feel a sense of belonging

Above all, it’s about listening to, and engaging with, your people if you want to move together to spearhead change in thinking and behaviour.

It’s a journey from awareness and understanding to engagement and involvement.

Engaged staff feel they can bring themselves to work and know that they have something to offer which is valued. They know why they are there and want to play their part in building your brand.

Fundamentally we can help you create a journey with your people, because without them it is a very lonely journey.


At Small Back Room our approach to employee engagement is that it should be built on real insights, have a logic order and be delivered in creative ways.

Ultimately, it must be engaging and effective.

Our approach of ‘Insight, Logic and Magic’ means exactly that. Everything we do is underpinned by unique knowledge and insights. Our strategies are uncomplicated, easy to understand and work in the real world.

And therefore our creative strategy always has purpose and meaning.

If you would like to know more please contact Erin Rigg e.rigg@smallbackroom.co.uk