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Noé Group

Standing for something

Leo Noé is respected for both his business acumen and his values – in particular his commitment to investing for shared success and long-term returns, beyond pure numbers. So when tasked with developing a new brand identity for the Noé Group, we put those values at the forefront.

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Through a series of workshops, we developed messaging that articulated the values in a way that make sense to external audiences and clearly differentiate the Group within the investment sector.

Visually, the strong emphasis on typography and charcoal colour with metallic accents give the brand gravitas, while the black and white portrait photography provides a sense of transparency and timelessness.

The same style underpins two sub-brands – Goldacre and Capreon. We developed both, naming the latter and creating a clear brand architecture that defines the relationships. This is brought to life in everything from superior quality stationery to interior environments to highly targeted advertising.