December 2015

Regent Street Christmas Campaign

For the festive season this year, SBR developed a campaign for Regent Street around “Timeless Elegance”.

The campaign drew its primary influence from the inspiring design of the new Christmas lights themselves. Also taken into consideration was how the campaign sat alongside the recent launch of the new Regent Street brand in September, as this was the first event ‘by’ Regent Street: the word ‘by' signifies association, commitment and ownership to the ‘place’ - so all the assets of the campaign had to be synonymous with the Regent Street brand.

Fundamental to the mechanism of a timepiece – each piece is dependent on all others – we had to ensure that the language we created would work across each and every platform, channel and media used to promote the Regent Street’s Christmas Lights.

Timeless Elegance has made a statement, it marks a significant step in the performances and experiences that celebrate the on-going regeneration, rejuvenation and repositioning of Regent Street, London's premier shopping destination.

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