Key Moda message 'Only dead fish go with the flow' with fish image

A lifestyle brand

The new dawn in build-to-rent

Many companies say they want their brand to stand out from the crowd, but few pursue that aim as resolutely as Moda.

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The Moda team was acutely aware that, in the increasingly competitive private rental sector, stylish homes and city centre locations were no differentiator. So it developed an all-encompassing lifestyle proposition, seeking to attract like-minded people who would turn apartment living into a vibrant ‘vertical community’ – where staying in becomes more attractive than going out.

Our challenge was to communicate that proposition, even before the first homes became available.

Focusing on digital and social, we worked closely with Moda to develop a tone of voice that that was (intentionally) a bit Marmite.

Visually, alongside a contemporary logo built around the M, we opted for striking metaphor images and a tapestry of city life.