11th September 2019

Health and wellbeing

Tim Cowan

How health and wellbeing becomes embedded in our place thinking

'Healthy does not only mean ‘not sick’, happy doesn’t mean not sad. Wellness and happiness are now a daily pursuit for the millennial generation'.
The Medical Futurist

Imagine a new kind of place to live in London. A complete neighborhood shaped around the future of city living and your wellbeing. A healthier, kinder and greener place to call home.

A place that offers open spaces, riverside views, new schools, with an emphasis on great pedestrian connections and all of this delivered with a strong focus on the health and well-being of its residents, businesses and visitors. Is it possible?

We will need to look at this as being bigger than any single development or neighborhood, bigger even than a moment in time; we have to create great change to show future generations that we listened.

With this in mind, a healthy place (city, neighborhood, postcode) is one that continually evolves its physical and social environments, and facilitates a community that can mutually support one another. Recent research emphasizes the importance of well-being in our day-to-day lives and therefore it is of paramount importance that the place we live provides an environment for us to flourish and evolve.

Place shapes life

A strong sense of place and belonging is essential to human wellbeing and happiness. If you stop and think of your favourite place, whether that’s a city street, park or neighborhood a common thread exist: a strong emotional connection to a place that makes us feel safe, relaxed and fulfilled. A place can also be a symbol of change, a beacon that attracts, unites and inspires people, having a positive impact that reverberates throughout the community, ‘shaping people’s lives’.

We believe that great place brands are not manufactured – they are grown. An organic place brand should be inspired by its environment, absorbing its surroundings and built to grow and change over time. A successful place brand is more than just a logo, it has to be embedded within every touch point, providing genuine authenticity and enabling a strong emotional connection.

So for us, the art and skill of place branding lies in connecting promise to place and creating authenticity.

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